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Rumours Restaurant & Bar Camposol

(November 24, 2008)
On Monday 24th November 2008  I gave an Evening of Mediumship in  'Rumours Restaurant & Bar'  in Camposol.  It was a very enjoyable evening even though I was under the weather with a severe Head Cold which affected my voice.  But the assistance of the audiences Energy and my True and Trusted Friends in Spirit, we managed to have a successful evening.   A special thanks goes out to the lovely lady who gave me Spiritual Healing at the end of my Demonstration of Mediumship, I really appreciated that.  That is what I call a truelly Spiritual Person, someone who always thinks of others and tries to help them whenever they can.  God Bless you.
Rumours Evening
During the evening we also had a raffle in aid of  'Paul Cunningham Nurses', and I thank all those people who assisted with this.  At the end of the evening I was thanked by various people for the work I done, and some gave good confirmation that my Evidence was accurate.  This is very much appreciated, as most Mediums don't get enough confirmation, thank you all.
 Rumours Bar

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