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My Rugged Path from Darkness to Light

(April 24, 2009)
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My Rugged Path from Darkness to Light

Contributor / 24/04/2009 12:09:45

Sammy Gretna Green 

Welcome friends to my first article for the  Leader,  I hope that you enjoy this article and are able to relate to some of my experiences.  I was born in Cumnock which is in Ayrshire,  on the West Coast
of Scotland on the  5th July 1956.  My Father was
a Painter & Decorator who also joined the local Part Time Fire Service and my Mother was a Butcher.   Cumnock was a Coal Mining area and both sides of my Family were Miners.  As I grew up I found myself being moved around the country due to the fact that my Father had become a Full Time Fireman, and each time he got promoted he got moved to another town.  This caused a little bit of
a problem with schooling and I had to learn how to make new friends wherever I went.  This was not easy for me as I was quite a shy person and life at home was not as good as it could have been between my parents.

When I was growing up I new nothing about Spiritualism, Mediums, Tarot Readings or even Healing such as Reiki or Spiritual Healing.  On a Sunday morning I had to go to the local Church Sunday School where I was taught about God, Jesus and the Bible according to the Protestant Faith.  The Church that I remember most is the United Free Church of Scotland.  I must admit I did enjoy those Sunday School Classes, at the end of them I went into the big Church to sit with my Mum, to be able to sit with the Parents at that time was exciting.    As with most of Scotland our Schools were segregated into Protestant or Catholic.  The two never mixed together which I now realise is a shame, because at the end of the day most of us believe in a Supreme Being, i.e.,  God, so why do we have so many differences and different names for the same Source of Energy.
By the time I was  nine years old I had lived in  five houses in four different towns and two different counties.  At this point of my life I was living in the town of Dumfries, which is near to the Borders.  We lived in what would now be called an apartment.  It was a house that was split into four different apartments.  Our was a  one bedroom  which had a Kitchen, Living Room, i.e., the Main bed was in the Living room and I had a bed in the Kitchen.  The Kitchen sink was where I got washed and the toilet was in the upstairs landing shared by four other tenants.  If my memory serves me well there was also a shed outside used as a toilet in the garden.  Under us was a coal cellar which was separated by Arches to split it into the four cellars.   It was here that I had my first experience of being afraid of the dark as my Father’s Cousins locked me in the cellar for some time.  It was a very frightening experience for me and left a lasting fear with me until I started to work with my Mediumship.

We next moved to the town of Wishaw which is Lanarkshire near to Hamilton.  This is where I had some other strange experiences, one of which was when I was walking home from the Life Boys in the winter.  It was very dark and I was convinced that I could hear and feel someone walking near by.   When I looked around there was nobody in sight, I looked again over to the left and saw what appeared to be a  dark shadow passing along a wall.  I know it might sound strange, but there was nobody around, the place was as quiet as a graveyard.  And yet I was so convinced that someone was near me, so I ran home very quickly.  It was not long after that when I had been sick at home for a week, my Mum was out at work.  At that time I felt much better and was watching TV, it was Joan of Arc being burned at the stake.  I was then aware of the shape of a person walking in front of me from the left of the TV to the window on my right.  The only thing was that I could only see the person’s body from the just above the waist down,  above that was like a mist as far as I can remember.  I was petrified and didn’t move from that spot till my Mum came home.  Till this day I can’t remember if I had the courage to tell her about it.  After that I started to see shapes on the wall of my bedroom and my Mum’s bedroom.  These were like Faces, Skulls and Crosses, I honestly thought that I was being haunted.  Then my Mum had someone come to the door one day to tell her that her Step Sister had died.  She said that she had already known that before they came to the door.  Later on she let me know that she also saw shapes on the wall, including what appeared to be a man appearing at the foot of the bed who looked like the impression we have of Jesus.
After that my Mum and Dad split up, my Mum and I went to stay with her parents at Auchinleck which is  three miles from Cumnock.  We stayed there for a year or so and that is where I had the same re-occurring nightmare every night for the best part of a year.  It was a grotesque face that appeared next to my bed and I was scared stiff.  I would at times waken up with my head at the bottom of the bed and sweating.  One night I got the courage to go next door to my Mum and she took me downstairs to the Kitchen for a cup of tea and a chat.  To this day she cannot remember this happening, was it an out of body experience or did it really happen, it seemed so real to me.

After that we moved back to Cumnock and my Mum and Dad tried to get their marriage back together.  A bad mistake, things went from bad to worse, I know that we are taught that we choose our own Parents for our own experiences so we can develop and learn.  But I must admit there have been times when I wonder how much does a person have to experience in their own lifetime before things start to go right for them.  It was around this time that I had visited my Dad’s Mum & Dad, my Grandfather was very ill.  I said goodbye to him as he lay in his bed in the Living room and went home.  When I got home I knew somehow that my Grandfather had died, I didn’t understand how I knew, I just did.  Within the space of about half an hour my Uncle Sammy came to the door to tell us that my Grandfather had just  died.  The same thing happened with my Mum’s Dad, I felt one night in bed that he had died.  When I woke up my Uncle Robert, my Mum’s Brother was at the door to say my Grandfather had died.  It was just a feeling I had, a sense that I wouldn’t see them again.  My Mother had the same feeling about her Dad I believe.

When I was 19 years old I joined the Royal Air Force Regiment after having spent two years in the Royal Highland Fusiliers TAVR.  Whilst in the RAF Regiment I served in Northern Ireland on about seven tours.  One of these tours of duty was quite an experience, my section was going out on patrol at night and gave me the chance to stand down for an hour.  This was good as we worked twenty-four hours on duty with twenty-four hours off duty.  We used an old Police Cell for our rest period which had bunk beds and a gas fire.  I was on the bottom bunk with the fire beside me, no one else was in the Cell, just me all on my lonesome.  I couldn’t sleep and was just lying on top of my sleeping bag.  All of a sudden the room went icy cold and I could see my breath in the air.  I looked at the fire which was still on full, then I felt this hand on my right leg.  It touched my leg three times and I heard a voice to my right say  “It’s time to wake up”  three times.  Once again I froze and was petrified, the room went hot again and I just lay there till the patrol came back.
I said to my section commander and told him never ever to leave me behind again.  They all just laughed at me and obviously didn’t believe me.  The next day in the adjoining room two others from the other section were on the bunks sleeping.  They all of a sudden got up and started to try to climb through the steel bars that were on the window, they were still asleep and very anxious to get out.  We learned later that someone had hanged themselves  in the room some years before.  I now realise that on that night I was being given a wake up call for my own Spiritual Development, at that time I did not realise this as I knew nothing about it.

After these experiences  I started to read a lot about Magic, the Occult, Freemasonry etc,.  I already was a Freemason before I joined the RAF, but I wanted to understand more about it and the Symbology of it.  My first experience of the Tarot was also when I was on duty in Northern Ireland.  One of our Gunners was able to give Readings, he learned this from his Mother I believe.

I must admit it hasn’t been an easy road for me to travel through my childhood and my time in the Armed Forces.  There has been a lot of bullying by others both at school and in the Forces, a lot of Tears when my Daughter was taken due my first wife leaving.  The fact that my Father was an Alcoholic and used to abuse my Mother didn’t help either.  But there also have been some happy memories with very good friends and the birth of my Daughter.  But that is life, if it wasn’t for those experiences I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

When I was demobbed in  1985  I came back to Cumnock to live and had various jobs but eventually joined the Scottish Ambulance Service in  1990.  After some time I was qualified as a Paramedic.  It was around this time that I felt most happiest with my job, also I felt that by giving a cuddle or holding other people’s hands they felt comfortable.  Later on I realised this was due to the ability to give Healing.  Whilst still in the Ambulance Service I started to go for Tarot Readings to try and get some answers to questions I had.  Also I met Janet, my Wife  who is also gifted with Mediumistic skills, even though she does not want to use them.  Freedom of choice, this is what we all have in this life, and it is important for us to respect that in others.  I bought her an Eternity Ring from a well known shop, she had no idea I had bought it.  Also I had asked my Mum if I could keep it at her house so Janet wouldn’t see it until it was time to give her it.  Sometime before I  gave it to her she opened up a catalogue and showed me the very same ring I had bought her.  She knew that was the one and I was amazed, I couldn’t believe how she could know.
Prior to Janet and I getting together I started to be aware of a mist that would cross my Living room from the  Kitchen to  the left Wall.  This happened for a couple of days at the exact same time.
When Janet and I started to live together our Christmas Tree lights would go on themselves.  We bought our first house together in Livingston, which is in West Lothian, it got to the stage that I would check the socket to se if it was wired wrong, which it obviously wasn’t.   One night our Pot Purée fell off the toilet cistern twice in the space of half an hour.  It was amazing, the toilet seat was up, and the Pot Puree was sitting on top of the cistern.  Somehow it managed to fall off the cistern, over the top of the toilet basin and land in a circle on the floor.  Not a drop went into the toilet.  Also it was quite a loud bang so that we could hear it, as we were in bed at the time.  We put it back on the top of the cistern and it done it again the exact same way.  What a wake up call, Spirit was determined that we wouldn’t ignore them this time.  Our dog Hollie would sense someone coming into the house, as did both of us.  We all sensed that the person was standing up in the corner of the Living room, even though we could not see them.  Around this time both Janet and myself had started to go to Tia Chi classes, also we had both completed our Reiki Healing  I  &  II.   This was when I  started to go to an Awareness Group which was mainly for Healing, but at that time I was getting so much information, images and feelings coming through that I didn’t know what to do with them.  I next went to the Spiritualist Church in Broxburn near Edinburgh where a lady started to teach me how to use my Tarot Cards that I had bought from a Medium at the Market in Bathgate.  It was about now that I had about as much as I could take of all these images and feelings and told Spirit exactly where to go, and not in a polite way either.  After about two weeks I asked them to come back, as if they really had left me in the first place.  But I had been told that I need to control my Mediumship, so I made that quite clear to them.  It seemed to make a difference after I had done that.  I went along to a Spiritualist Evening around Livingston where I spoke afterwards to the Medium who told me that I would be giving Tarot Readings and working on Platform.  I think my answer was  “don’t be silly, I don’t know how to do that”  or words to that effect.

It was around this time that  all of a sudden I was told  I would have to be paid off  from the Ambulance Service due to my Back Injury that I had through lifting.  At the same time Janet’s son Bill was starting the University at Edinburgh.  We had organised a holiday to Costa del Sol with  Bill, and my Mum  for a week.  As it happened both Janet and I had thoughts of maybe some day living abroad, but in Italy where we went on holiday for some time.  Then we saw this advert for Property in Spain, so we arranged a visit while we were in Costa del Sol.  We were taken to a hill where they said would be an Urbanisation in possibly eighteen months or so.  But this all fell through due to finances, so when we got home we saw another advert for Property and arranged a weekend trip.
This time it was in Ciudad Quesada, we saw an apartment which we both liked and put down the deposit.  At this point I was getting very anxious and told he rep that we needed to be in by July.  It turns out that we were in on the  3rd June 2004, and I was finished with the Ambulance Service in August 2004.   Strangely enough every time we looked at the free papers the  ‘Spiritualist Church’ in Quesada kept on leaping out at us.  So of course I went along and started their Awareness Classes.  It wasn’t long before I was up on Platform working and giving Readings.  It’s amazing how it all fits together, it’s obvious now to me that is why we came to Spain, as have so many other Mediums like us.  After about three years I broke away from the Church to work from home with my Spiritual  Readings and Healing.  I now also teach Awareness Classes, do Workshops and give Evenings of Mediumship in various locations around the Costa Blanca.   I know now for definite that this is my life’s journey and to be honest I would be lost without it.  I love working with Spirit, it’s a great feeling when you know that you have been able to help someone.  When they come back  to say thank you it makes it all worth while, it’s not always easy working with Spirit, but then who said it would be.  But it is very interesting, as well as, being important work, for me it’s like a way of life.

I’m sure that there are many of you out there who will be saying to yourselves,  ‘that’s how it was for me also’.  We are all here for a reason, and that reason is to help Mankind & Mother Earth, to bring Peace and Healing to the world.  To be able to let people know that life does go on after the Physical Death, that there is One Source, One Divine Spirit and that Source is within each and every one of us.  As we say in Scotland “We are all Jock Tamson’s Bairns”.  In other words, we are all the same, no matter what our Creed or Colour is.
And may the Love of the Great Architect be with you always and bring you Peace, Love  &  Harmony.

My forthcoming venue is on:-
Monday  27th April
The  Greenwich Bar & Grill,
Torre de la Horadada.
Starts  7 pm    Admission   € 9. 
 Tickets are available from  Debbie on:  966 762 931
Debbie works with Sophisitcats  who help the AAEC.

Love  &  Light,
Sammy Fitzsimmons
Spiritual Medium  &  Reiki Master
Tel:  965 725 424

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